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Volleyball mobile racks

  • Mobile volleyball stands SPORTIN
  • Adjustable volleyball stands SPORTIN
Mobile volleyball stands

Model / Code: VB 0006

Cost: 28000 UAH

made to order

Mobile volleyball posts for attaching a volleyball net. Designed for playing and training volleyball and badminton, both on the street and in the hall.

The construction of volleyball stands is a stand with a platform for counterweights. The set of counterweights is divided into two types - stationary (part of the overall structure with a wheel arrangement) and type-setting (inserted to make the rack heavier and prevent overturning). The stand is made all-welded. To move the rack, there are wheels located on the sides of the platform for counterweights.

The installation of the racks is quite simple. Place the stand on a previously prepared place on a flat, hard area of ​​the site. Set the mesh to the desired height. The equipment is ready for use. The design is made in such a way that it does not require dismantling the counterweights when moving the racks.

Volleyball rack size

  • height - 2500mm
  • width (taking into account the site) - 850mm
  • depth (taking into account the site) - 850mm
  • weight of one rack (including counterweights) - 100kg

Adjusting the height of the net to standard heights for volleyball competitions - men (2.43m), women (2.24m); for badminton competitions - 1.55m. The net is not included.

SPORTIN volleyball posts are made in accordance with GOST, DSTU, TU. They have a SES certificate, a certificate of conformity. Approved for use in schools, universities, sports centers, sports clubs and at leisure. Delivery, installation throughout Ukraine.

You can buy mobile volleyball racks by calling or filling out the "Make an order" form.

The set of counterweights is made of type-setting and does not require dismantling when moving the rack. Therefore, to move, you just need to overturn the rack onto the wheels, moving the rack to do the operation in the reverse order. The color of the volleyball pole can be changed by ordering the desired color when purchasing the equipment.

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