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Volleyball racks

  • Volleyball racks
Volleyball stands with attachment to the wall

Model / Code: VB 0004

Cost: 9000 UAH

made to order

Wall-mounted volleyball posts are designed for small sports halls. Mounting is carried out to the wall through the fastening plates provided in the construction of volleyball posts. Attach each post using 4 M12 anchors with a length of at least 160mm or other suitable fasteners.

Volleyball posts can be made multifunctional for use in various sports:

  • volleyball
  • badminton
  • tennis
  • and etc.

The functionality and basic design is completely identical to the usual volleyball stands. A mechanism for smooth adjustment of the mesh height is provided. Racks are made of metal shaped tubes of different cross-sections with a moving carriage. The carriage provides smooth adjustment of the net height and protects the tension screw with its body. The net is not included in the package.

Characteristics of volleyball racks

  1. height - 2500mm
  2. width (including mounting plates) - 180mm
  3. depth (including the carriage) - 150mm
  4. weight (2 racks) - 21kg

Manufactured in accordance with GOST, DSTU, TU. SES certificate and certificate of conformity. 12 months warranty. Suitable for use at school, university, sports club, sports and entertainment center, arena and private.

You can buy wall-mounted volleyball racks by calling or filling out the "Make an order" form.

Wall-mounted volleyball posts must be secured taking into account the material of the walls to which the equipment will be mounted. For columns or concrete walls, use anchor bolts, for brick walls, use fasteners that do not destroy the wall material (nylon plugs, chemical anchors, etc.), for plasterboard and plywood walls, provide additional fasteners that reinforce the attachment points and prevent unauthorized movement of the racks, or their breakdown (separation).

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