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Volleyball racks

  • Volleyball racks
Volleyball racks with glass mounting

Model / Code: VB 0018

Price: 14600 UAH / 12800 UAH*

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Volleyball racks are the main element on the sports ground for attaching a volleyball net. The racks are made with a simple and understandable system, smooth adjustment of the mesh height. The posts on the volleyball field are mounted in embedded sleeves, called cups, that are mounted in predetermined locations.

Characteristics of volleyball stands:

  • The number of racks included - 2pcs
  • Rack height - 2500mm
  • Mesh attachment height - 1250mm ... 2500mm

The racks are made of a square metal tube 60x60mm and 30x30mm with a wall thickness of at least 2mm. Structurally, volleyball stands are a supporting stand with a welded rail along which the carriage moves. A tensioning mechanism is provided in the carriage, which is activated by a special key (knob-knob) and allows you to tighten and release the volleyball net. The carriage provides smooth adjustment of the net height and protects the tension screw with its body. The net is not included in the package. The method of installation in glasses does not require the installation of stretch marks from the floor.

Volleyball racks can be used for games and training in volleyball and badminton, both on the street and in the hall.

Volleyball equipment SPORTIN has a SES certificate and a certificate of conformity. Produced in accordance with GOST, DSTU, TU developed by our company. Delivery and installation throughout Ukraine.

You can buy volleyball racks by calling or filling in the "Make an order" field.

Insert sleeves VB0016 are included.

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