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Mortgage sleeve

  • Mortgage sleeve
Volleyball stand

Model / Code: VB 0016

Price: 1200 UAH

made to order

Embedded sleeves (glasses) are designed for installation of square volleyball posts. Glasses are made of thick-walled metal, primed and painted. Mounting holes are made in the heel of the glass. In the center of the bottom of the glasses, there is a drainage hole for water drainage. The kit includes covers. Holes are made in the covers for the opening loop device when gluing artificial grass or other sports covering of the playing surface.

The set includes 2 pcs. Delivery across all Ukraine. 12 months warranty.

You can buy and order glasses for a volleyball stand by calling or filling out the "Make an order" form.

The insert sleeves can be used not only for volleyball poles. These fasteners come in handy or can be an alternative when installing tennis poles (tennis racks), badminton racks and other sports equipment.

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