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Bench for substitutes

  • Stand for spectators with 5 seats
  • Outdoor and gym bench
Bench for substitutes and referees

Model / Code: TR0001

Cost: 7250 UAH

made to order

Bench for substitutes and spectators SPORTIN. The frame is made of metal shaped pipes of different cross-sections, at least 2 mm thick. Individual plastic seats are attached to the metal frame with galvanized M10 bolts. The legs are made so that the bench cannot tip over.

Bench dimensions

  • length - 2350mm,
  • width not less than 600mm,
  • landing height - 450mm,
  • total height - 730mm,
  • color - at choice

The SPORTIN stands are made of modern, environmentally friendly materials in accordance with the requirements of GOST, DSTU, TU. 12 months warranty. Delivery and installation throughout Ukraine.

You can buy a bench for substitutes by calling or filling out the "Place an order" form.

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