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Gymnastic wall of the tribune

  • Swedish stand
  • Gymnastic tribune wall
Gymnastic wall tribune

Model / Code: GM 0045

Price: 15640 UAH

made to order

The Swedish wall, which can be transformed into a tribune, is an excellent option for gyms with a small area.

  • Wall size 3000x1600mm,
  • Removal from the wall 500mm,
  • In the position of the tribune - 2100mm from the wall.

Racks can be made from solid wood or from a metal profile pipe. The number of rows can be increased to 4 by using the space behind the wall. A variety of designs and materials for the production of wall bars - stands will strengthen and strengthen your desire to purchase this product from our company for safe, convenient use for many years.

You can buy a tribune like a wall bars by calling or filling out the "Make an order" form.

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