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Spectator stands SPORTIN


A sports tribune for spectators, a place no less important than the venue or stadium where the competition takes place. The sports equipment manufacturer SPORTIN is engaged in the manufacture of stands with different technical characteristics and design (stands design).

Types of stands for spectators:

  • Stationary or permanent - the stands are installed on the site (concreted, welded to embedded parts, mounted with an anchor connection) and do not imply movement.
  • Collapsible - stands with the possibility of mounting and dismounting for moving and transportation to another venue for competitions and other public events.
  • Mobile stands are seats for spectators that can be easily rearranged and transported around the site, thereby making it possible to arrange the required number and configuration of the viewing and recreation area. It can be made with a blister design.
  • Telescopic or retractable (bleacher) stands that assemble and unfold like a telescope. The rows of stands slide into each other, saving space for the sports grounds on which they are installed when there is no need to use them. It can be made as a separate platform that can be moved around the hall or as a stationary structure.
  • Transformable - stands that can be folded and assembled into equipment for other purposes. For example - the wall bars of the tribune, the stands - partitions, etc.

The construction and production of stands is carried out in accordance with all standards of GOST, DSTU, TU in compliance with fire safety and safety requirements for operation and behavior of a person at height.

Types of seats (seats) in the stands:

  • bench type
  • separate plastic seats
  • soft seats
  • semi-soft seats
  • euro seats

The wide scope of application of spectator stands makes this sports equipment very popular in various branches of life - mass events, sports events, cultural events, sports events, etc.

Where are spectator stands used:

  • Grandstands for sports grounds
  • Street stands
  • Stands at the stadium
  • Gym tribunes
  • Tribune for the court
  • Pool stands
  • and etc.

In the production of stands, proven, reliable and environmentally friendly materials from leading suppliers in our country and abroad are used. Powder painting is carried out with polymer paints resistant to fading from ultraviolet radiation and the influence of atmospheric precipitation. Seats of any type - safe, resistant to physical activity, environmentally friendly. All equipment has a SES certificate and a certificate of conformity. Warranty from 12 months for the product, assembly and installation.

SPORTIN has completed and participated in the construction of stands for more than 150 sports facilities. We installed and assembled stands for spectators with a canopy in schools, universities, sports clubs in Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Kramatorsk, Dnipro, Konstantinovka and many other cities of Ukraine.

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