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Badminton Rack

  • Badminton Rack
Mobile badminton rack SPORTIN

Model / SKU: TN 0005

Cost: 8000 UAH

made to order

Rack for playing badminton mobile. Made of metal pipes of different sections. The stand is mobile, equipped with a counterweight to prevent overturning. Made not collapsible. The counterweight has wheels for easy transportation around the hall, rubber wheels do not leave marks on the playing surface.


  • Stand height - 1.55m
  • Width - 0.7m
  • Depth - 0.9m
  • Weight - 65kg
  • Material - steel
  • Color - at choice

Convenient net tensioning system - a net tension cable passes through the roller, which is fixed in a special place. The construction is very stable and aesthetically pleasing. Includes 2 racks. The net is not included.

The equipment has a SES certificate and a certificate of conformity. Participation in tender purchases is possible.

You can order and buy a reversible badminton rack by filling out the feedback form or by calling us on the phones indicated in the contacts.

Badminton equipment SPORTIN is of high quality and impeccable appearance. Modern materials used in the production of badminton products allow us to use our equipment in:

  • school
  • University
  • FOK
  • sports arena
  • outdoor sports ground
  • summer cottage
  • and other locations

Badminton has gained wide popularity for leisure activities due to its unpretentious, easy-to-transport play equipment. It couldn't be easier - grab a pair of rackets, a badminton net and enjoy your time playing in a dynamic, wellness mode.

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