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SPORTIN offers a range of professional services:


Installation of sports equipment

Installation of sports equipment is a complex process. Despite the apparent simplicity, this process is no less important than the selection, delivery and operation of equipment. Safety, durability, convenience and proper operation, it all depends on professional, technically competent installation. SPORTIN company, having extensive experience in the production and installation of goods for sports, offers its services in the installation of any sports equipment at facilities of any complexity. Be sure, ordering the service "Installation of sports equipment", you will receive the full amount of competence of our company, a high culture of production work, long-term, safe and proper operation of the products you need.

Sports ground construction

The construction of a football field, the construction of a basketball or volleyball court, the construction of courts, a sports field, athletics or treadmills, obstacle courses. The device for covering playing fields - natural grass, artificial grass, bulk and modular coating. All these complex processes are our work. Using the SPORITN company "Construction of sports grounds" service, you save time and money. Having received high-quality work, a modern, safe, long-term object of the sports industry, you will protect yourself from unnecessary worries, disruptions in the delivery of objects, correction of marriage, and gross incompetence. A wide circle of contacts, authority in the sports industry industry allows us to cooperate with many contractors of related professions, which gives you confidence when ordering large and very large volumes of construction of sports grounds and objects of the sports industry as a whole.


What sports equipment to choose? How to build a sports ground? Where to buy sports equipment for the school gym? How to equip a fitness center? Where to find a manufacturer of sports equipment and inventory? How to equip a turnkey gym? If you are not sure, looking for an expert, just want to ask, contact us in a convenient way for you and you will not have a single question related to the sports industry. SPORTIN - we are glad to contact you.

Selection of sports equipment

Buy equipment without overpaying for it. Find exactly this, exactly what you need. You know, for sure, that you need sports equipment and equipment, but what exactly ... you don’t know? A budget has been allocated, and how to dispose of it, how to fulfill the task assigned by the customer, management or your wishes? The SPORTIN company will select the sports equipment you need with all the requirements of the technical specifications or a general idea of ​​the future gym, stadium, venue. We select sports equipment for an object of any complexity.


Let's mark the sports field, sports ground, any playing surface. The markup for basketball, volleyball, football and game sports in general, the markup for athletics is as important as the participants in a sports event. High-quality, durable, accurate, accurate marking made by SPORTIN is the key to high results and positive emotions that the sport gives.

Sports equipment rental

SPORTIN provides a rental service for sports equipment. Now it is not necessary to buy, you can rent professional, high-quality, safe sports equipment of our production. A sporting event, corporate event, award ceremony or other important event will help SPORTIN to rent the equipment you need.

Sports equipment repair

The repair of sports equipment and equipment by SPORTIN specialists will breathe new life into your favorite or simply necessary attribute of a sports life. With our large production capacities and highly qualified personnel, our company guarantees expert, high-quality repairs with the replacement, reconstruction and restoration of failed parts and components.

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