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Strength sports have recently become in demand in the wake of the popularity of bodybuilding, bodybuilding, weightlifting and powerlifting. In order to successfully train muscles in these strength sports, specialized gym equipment is needed. Our company SPORTIN is engaged in the production and sale of this equipment.

SPORTIN Equipment Criteria for Strength Sports

When transforming a gym or part of it for strength sports, you should always think about what equipment is best suited to the theme of the gym and its focus of training. So, for example, for armwrestling you will need a specialized table for this particular sport, as well as additional equipment. And for powerlifting, you need a special platform for the barbell.

Whichever direction of power sports you choose, the sports equipment for it must have certain criteria:

  • Guarantee;
  • Quality;
  • Cost;
  • Permitting documents.

The choice of poor quality equipment can lead to dangerous consequences for the health of the athlete. Our company approaches this issue with particular scrupulousness.

Guarantee, quality, tests

The strength capabilities of strength sports athletes are usually superior to those of ordinary athletes due to the nature of the sport itself. Therefore, first of all, it is worth paying attention to parameters such as warranty and quality. The manufacturer SPORTIN carries out long-term certification of equipment and quality control in accordance with GOST, DSTU, TU, SES, which gives a guarantee of reliability.

The plant guarantees that its strength sports products will be able to withstand prolonged stress and not break down, causing damage to the health of the athlete.

Cost and permits

Price always plays a huge role in the purchase of equipment. Strength sports require quite expensive equipment. Our company understands this perfectly, but it is also important to understand that the reliability and quality of equipment always come first, since these are fundamental parameters. That is why we work only with reliable suppliers of materials for production, in order to be sure of the quality of products even before the production stage.

The developed strict TU rules and GOST, DSTU certificates allow us to be sure that the authorities checking the sports halls will not ask questions about permits, since they will be in perfect order.

What else to pay attention to

For whatever kind of strength sports you select the inventory and equipment, you can always rely on our specialists who will gladly advise you and recommend the necessary equipment. Among other things, we provide a guarantee and post-warranty service for our customers, as well as delivery and installation. throughout Ukraine.

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