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Street horizontal bar

  • Street horizontal bar
Outdoor multilevel horizontal bar

Model / Code: OD 0002

Price: 5680 UAH

made to order

Horizontal bar is street multilevel. It is made of metal pipes of different profiles and a metal rod, as a crossbar, with a diameter of 28mm. An additional length of the crossbeam posts is provided for concreting them into the ground. The color can be changed at the request of the customer.

Outdoor horizontal bar size

  • Height - 2.2 (1.5) m
  • Width - 1.2 m
  • Color - at choice

Supplied unassembled.

The horizontal bar is made of modern, high quality materials. Manufactured in accordance with the requirements of GSTU, TU. Has a SES certificate and a certificate of conformity. 12 months warranty. Delivery and installation throughout Ukraine.

You can buy an outdoor horizontal bar with different levels of crossbars by calling us or filling out the "Make an order" form.

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