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Outdoor sports ground equipment

Street sports complexes are located in stadiums in educational institutions, in the courtyards of residential buildings, in the country. Outdoor sports equipment is a combination of gymnastic, play and strength equipment that allows you to train and play outdoors.

SPORTIN outdoor sports equipment decorates more than 500 school stadiums, 200 apartment buildings and dozens of private households such as private houses and country cottages.

The technology for the production of sports goods for an outdoor sports ground is strictly regulated by the TU of our company, GOST, DSTU, a sanitary - epidemiological certificate and a certificate of conformity assigned by state authorities for our company.

The list of outdoor sports equipment includes:

  • children's sports complexes,
  • arm,
  • bench,
  • simulators,
  • horizontal bars,
  • bars,
  • Swedish wall,
  • log,
  • obstacle course
  • full size tennis table
  • basketball racks
  • goals for football and mini football
  • volleyball racks
  • etc.

All outdoor sports equipment is made of materials that are resistant to atmospheric precipitation, ultraviolet radiation, etc. The fastening elements are made with increased resistance to acts of vandalism. At the same time, the appearance of SPORTIN equipment will in itself be an architectural heritage of your outdoor sports ground.

The services we offer:

  • delivery of sports equipment
  • measurements and design of sites
  • installation of sports equipment and sports equipment
  • modernization of existing sites
  • renovation of existing sports grounds

Remember that the quality of outdoor sports equipment can affect the health of its users. Traditional reliability combined with modern materials and production facilities are the success of our products. Outdoor sports equipment of the SPORTIN trademark is the best choice for your sports ground - a corner of happiness and joy.

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