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Exercise machine swing horse

  • Exercise machine horse gymnastic swing SPORTIN
  • Board swing horse on support SPORTIN
Exercise machine Fly horse SPORTIN

Model / Code: GM 0070

Price: 10500 UAH

made to order

The SPORTIN swing horse exercise machine is intended for training elements of artistic gymnastics performed on a swing horse. An indispensable sports equipment for gymnasts of different skill levels. But it is mainly used as a transitional element of sports equipment for beginner gymnasts or athletes during the recovery process during training in artistic gymnastics.

The product is a horizontal floor support made of round birch plywood, on which a vertical support made of a metal pipe is installed, securely fixed with galvanized bolts. A silhouette is installed on a metal support, completely repeating the contour of the swing horse along the upper (working) part, on which the swing horse handles are fixed. The handles of the swing horse are adjustable in width between themselves.

The distance between the handles is adjustable in the range of 400-450mm. The handles are made of birch plywood with a stable base plate. The product provides the ability to remove the handles for replacement and transportation. It is also possible to disassemble the Swing Horse simulator into its component parts.

Dimensions of the product and its constituent parts:

  • Floor horizontal support - diameter 65cm (thickness 30-35mm)
  • Vertical support - diameter (159mm), height 43cm
  • Working surface - 60cm
  • The total height of the simulator (without handles) - 60cm
  • Weight - 25 kg

The simulator has an artificial leather cover with increased abrasion resistance. The material is hygroscopic, non-slip, absorbs moisture, but does not stay wet. The swing horse handles are suitable for competitions of any level, made in accordance with the FIG and TU requirements developed by our company. Like all our equipment, the simulator has a SES conclusion and a certificate of conformity. Suitable for equipping gymnasiums of schools, sports schools, gymnastics sections, etc.

The stable floor horizontal support prevents the treadmill from tipping over and slipping on the floor. It is possible to make a product in different colors. The photo shows the basic colors - the corporate colors of our company.

You can order and buy the Power Horse simulator by contacting us by phone numbers indicated in the contacts or by leaving a request in the Make an order form.

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