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Support jump table "Junior"

Junior vault table with 4 legs.

Model / Article: GM 0066

A vault table SPORTIN is a logical technological transformation of a jumping horse. Designed for training in the gymnastics departments of sports schools, sections of gymnastics in the discipline - vault. It consists of a support table with upholstery made of high-quality genuine leather split leather or microfiber fabric, as well as four telescopic supports. The size of the supporting table is 1100x700mm. Height adjustment of the gymnastic table - from 750 to 1150 mm. Clamping screws exclude any backlash in the supports of the gymnastic table. The set of the table has a mechanism for attaching to the floor, consisting of a hook, lanyard and chain. To prevent slipping of the gymnastic horse during the jumps, as well as to eliminate any damage to the floor on the supports, special pads are provided. The design provides stationary wheels to facilitate the movement of the projectile in the room. Base table shock absorption system.

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