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Support jump table

  • Support jump table
Gymnastic vault table

Model / SKU: GM 0060

Price: 32850 UAH / 28850 UAH*

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A gymnastic apparatus used for the vault, one of the main Olympic disciplines in artistic gymnastics. This model of a gymnastic table is intended for:

  • for training in:
  1. sports schools
  2. gymnastic sections
  3. mainstream schools
  4. sports clubs
  5. and etc.
  • for competitions:
  1. in-club
  2. for lovers
  3. school
  4. and etc.

The support table structure consists of a slightly inclined table body, which is supported by two T-shaped legs. The body of the table can be divided into rebound and take-off zones with clear color contrast. All edges are rounded. Height adjustment is provided. The support of two T-shaped legs provides reliable stability of the table and ensures compliance with safety requirements. The table is equipped with a mechanism for fastening to the floor, consisting of a hook, lanyard and chain.

Vault table dimensions

  • support table - 1200x900mm
  • surface height - 950 - 1350mm
  • weight - 70kg
  • color - at choice

The take-off surface is cushioned to prevent injury to athletes. The rebound characteristics are the same at any point on the repulsion surface. Upholstery made of split leather or microfiber fabric - these materials are not slippery or rough. Does not cause burns when rubbed against it.

The production used modern, high-quality, technological and environmentally friendly materials. The gymnastic apparatus has a SES certificate and a certificate of conformity. 12 months warranty. Delivery and installation throughout Ukraine.

You can buy a vault table by calling or filling out the "Make an order" form.

Vault is a discipline that is included in the Olympic program for men and women. The execution of a jump is a run-up along the track, pushing off from the gymnastic bridge and making a jump in the course of which an additional push off from the table is made. In the process of jumping, athletes perform acrobatic elements, which are one of the important factors in the complexity and final assessment of the exercise. Also, this indicator is influenced by the run-up, the purity of the jump, and the landing.

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