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Swedish wall tribune

  • Swedish stand
  • Gymnastic tribune wall
Gymnastic Swedish wall transforming into a tribune

Model / Code: GM 0045

Price: 15640 UAH

made to order

The Swedish wall, which can be transformed into a tribune, is a specific sports equipment that is used in a sports hall with a small area or a hall where events of various formats are held.

The size of the swedish wall of the stand

  • Height - 3000mm
  • Width - 1600mm
  • Removal from the wall - 550mm
  • Removal from the wall in the tribune position - 2100mm
  • Height in tribune position - 960mm
  • Weight - 70kg
  • Color - at choice

The load-bearing elements of the wall are made of a metal profile pipe 60x60mm with a wall thickness of at least 2mm. The frame of the benches is made of a metal shaped tube 30x30mm with a wall thickness of at least 2mm. Wall bars and benches are made of solid wood, varnished in several layers. Side pillars can be made of either metal or solid wood. In the place of the wall fracture, hinged supports made of high-quality spring steel were used.

Note!!! When installing the wall, take into account the attachment points of the locks on the wall (included in the kit). The locks are a fastening strip with a jumper, which is attached to the wall frame, thereby keeping it in an upright position. The place where the lock will be mounted must withstand the weight of the wall with the athlete exercising on it and ensure the safe operation of the product.

where the Swedish walls are placed - stands

  • to school
  • to the gym of the university
  • to the gym of the school and college
  • in the arena
  • in the premises of the stadium
  • in the halls of martial arts
  • and etc.

SES certificate, certificate of conformity. 12 months warranty. Delivery and installation throughout Ukraine.

You can buy a wall bars - a tribune by calling by phone or filling in the "Make an order" field.

Swedish wall - the tribune can be equipped with different types of seats

  • bench type
  • individual plastic seats
  • soft seats

The color and type of seats, as well as the number of rows and other specifications can be changed at your request.

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