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Gymnastic spring-loaded throw-up bridge

Model / Code: GM 0025

Price: 3350 UAH

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The gymnastic bridge for artistic gymnastics is used for many disciplines, where the exercise begins with a starting push.

Disciplines in which the gymnastic bridge is used

  • support push
  • parallel bars
  • uneven bars
  • gymnastic bar
  • gymnastic bar
  • and other disciplines of artistic gymnastics

The spring-loaded gymnastic bridge consists of a curved platform mounted on a base with conical springs. The forms of such a spring are required. They provide stabilization of the bridge surface and accurate rebound from any point on the platform. The material of the platform of the spring gymnastic bridge is high resilience multi-layer plywood and shaped metal pipes. The plywood is covered with a carpet runner. This provides the sports equipment with excellent dynamics even with a low weight of the athlete.

Jumping bridge characteristics

  • Length - 1200mm
  • Width - 600mm
  • Height - 220mm
  • Spring material - hardened chromium-cadmium steel.
  • Number of springs - 3pcs
  • Weight - 16kg

The SPORTIN gymnastic bridge does not emit any extraneous disturbing sounds during use. Does not slip during repulsion.

Where to buy the SPORTIN gymnastic bridge

  • to school
  • to the university
  • to the gymnastics section
  • to the circus studio
  • to a sports school
  • to local competitions
  • to a private house for swimming pools
  • and other places

This gymnastic apparatus is made of high quality, safe, environmentally friendly, modern materials in accordance with the FIG recommendations and the requirements of GOST, DSTU, TU developed by our company. 12 months warranty. Delivery and installation throughout Ukraine.

You can buy a gymnastic bridge by calling or filling out the "Make an order" form.

The gymnastic bridge is delivered fully assembled. The set includes a technical passport of the product, according to which, to operate the product.

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