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Gym Goat

  • Gym Goat

Gym Goat

Model / Article: GM 0008

Goat for jumping - sports equipment, consisting of a body mounted on two steel supports with two pull-out racks (legs). High stability is ensured by the design of the clamping handles of the gymnastic goat, as well as by the special processing of the extended racks and the adjustment mechanism on the supports. The body of the sports goat is moisture-proof birch plywood. Inside - elastic padding. Outside - a tight covering with wear-resistant leather. Additional equipment of the gymnastic goat with a device for attaching to the floor. The height of the upper surface of the housing from the floor is 90–135 cm, with the possibility of adjustment by an interval of 5 cm. Dimensions - 60x35x28 cm. Weight - 35 kg.

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