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Climbing rope

  • Climbing rope
Gymnastic climbing rope

Model / Code: GM 0027

Price: 2100 UAH

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Sports rope for climbing is widely used gymnastic equipment in sports halls of different directions. Made of cotton yarn. For suspension of the gymnastic rope, there is a bracket - a steel loop, which is fixed in metal cheeks on one side of the rope. On the other side there is a decorative cover.

Climbing rope size

  • Diameter - 45 mm
  • Length - 5150 mm
  • Material - cotton

A gymnastic rope for climbing is a flexible support for the physical development of adolescents and adults, an obligatory attribute of fitness centers, school gyms, martial arts halls, gymnastic sections, as well as at home. Daily sports rope training improves coordination, endurance, and strengthens ligaments.

You can buy a rope for climbing by calling or filling out the "Make an order" form.

The rope material for climbing can be not only cotton and paper. You can order products from different materials from us.

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