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Gymnastic outdoor fungus

  • Outdoor gymnastic fungus SPORTIN
  • Outdoor gymnastic mushroom SPORTIN
Outdoor gymnastic fungus SPORTIN

Model / Code: GM 0072

Cost: 4500 UAН

made to order

Gymnastic floor fungus continues the line of mandatory equipment for gymnastics sections, educational institutions with a sports bias. The specific shape of the surface of the gymnastic fungus is designed to help the athlete work out circular, rotating body movements and increase control over the body and arms, increasing coordination, physical strength, endurance. It is customary to call the floor a gymnastic fungus without a horizontal support, that is, one that lies with its entire plane on the floor.

As a rule, the floor mushroom does not provide for fastening the handle for the swing horse. The body is made of stably fixed elements that prevent the slightest deformation of the body. Gymnastic floor fungus cover is made of artificial leather. It is possible to perform the coating with microfiber or split leather. All offered materials prevent hands from slipping, irreversible absorption of moisture.

In the production of gymnastic fungus, environmentally friendly and safe materials from the best modern suppliers are used. SES permitting documents, a certificate of conformity, will always prove it.

Contents of delivery:

  • Gymnastic floor fungus - 1pc
  • Product data sheet -1pc

Dimensions: diameter of the fungus - 60 cm, height of the fungus from the floor - 15 cm, weight - 7 kg. The color may vary depending on the batch produced.

You can order delivery and buy a floor gymnastic fungus by filling out an application on our website.

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