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Gymnastic Parallel Bars

  • Gymnastic Parallel Bars
Men's gymnastic bars

Model / Code: GM 0023

Price: 27160 UAH

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Gymnastic parallel bars for men are one of the main equipment used in the Olympic program in artistic gymnastics for men. This model is a massive gymnastic bars for schools, sports clubs, universities and other institutions where only training on this apparatus takes place.

Men's beams consist of a frame, which is also called a frame (racks are attached to the frame), four racks with clamping and fixing mechanisms, four movable racks with attachment points for poles and two wooden poles (optional with fiberglass poles covered with wood veneer).

The main dimensions of the beams

  • distance between the support points of the poles - 2300mm
  • distance in width between racks - not less than 480mm
  • height of the upper surface of the handrail from the floor - 1150 - 1750mm with an interval of 50mm
  • distance between the inner surfaces of the poles - 420 - 520mm
  • frame length - 2500mm
  • frame width - 1500mm
  • frame height, no more - 100mm
  • weight - 112 kg

The bars of the gymnastic bars are resilient enough. This is facilitated by the system of fastening the poles to the racks. The attachment points for the poles on the racks are hinged. During the operation of the projectile, there is no significant swinging of the racks and poles in the longitudinal and transverse directions. And in general, the structure of the beams does not move when vertical and horizontal loads occur.

The bars are made taking into account the requirements of FIG, GOST, DSTU, TU. They have a SES certificate and a certificate of conformity. 12 months warranty. Delivery and installation throughout Ukraine is possible.

You can buy parallel gymnastic bars by calling or filling out the "Make an order" form.

The set includes poles made of solid wood with a steel spring core. Can be equipped with fiberglass poles.

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