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Uneven bars

  • Uneven bars

Uneven gymnastic bars for women

Model / Code: GM 0024

Women's gymnastic bars - sports equipment, consisting of two poles mounted on supports and located at different levels in height. The pole material is natural wood made of beech, birch or ash, reinforced inside with a steel spring rod мм22 mm (grade 65 G), or fiberglass coated with wood veneer.

Design features

The poles are mounted on metal racks, which are fixed to the base of metal, and the whole structure as a whole is strengthened by means of adjustable cable ties to the floor.
The height and width between the poles is adjustable.
Racks are covered with alkyd enamels, and retractable supports are ground.

Dimensions and adjustment parameters

The dimensions of the gymnastic bars assembly: the width of the base is 1500 mm, the length of the poles is 2400 mm.
Adjustable height: the upper pole - 1900–2500 mm, the lower - 1100–1700 mm.
The diameter of the cross section of the pole is 41 ± 1.
The adjustable distance between the poles is 1300–1800 mm.
The mass of assembled bars is not more than 90 kg.

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