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Gate for futsal

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Mini-football goals for futsal

Model / Code: FB 0001

Price: 8150 UAH7650 UAH*

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Mini-football gates for futsal are designed for competitions and trainings in mini-football, futsal. Suitable for handball. Made of metal shaped tubes.

Features of minifootball goals

  • the size of the playing plane - 3x2m
  • depth at the bottom of the gate - 1m
  • depth at the top of the gate - 0.7m
  • weight - 20kg

The markings are made taking into account all the requirements of international federations and associations with a high-quality paint and varnish composition, as well as using polymer painting. In the construction of the gate, fixed hooks are provided for attaching the net, which is purchased separately. Designed for outdoor and indoor use. It is possible to manufacture gates for mounting in embedded sleeves (glasses).

The gate is disassembled into its component parts for convenient transportation and storage of the product at a new place of operation. Simple and straightforward gate assembly and disassembly process.

Futsal goals consist of

  1. Crossbar - 1pc
  2. Side stand (rod) with an arc - 2pcs
  3. Lower mesh holder - 1 piece
  4. Fixing kit - 1 set

The frame material is a metal profile pipe 80x80mm with a wall thickness of 2mm. The arches of the mesh holder are made of a 32mm round tube. The bottom mesh holder is made of a 32mm round tube. The bottom depth is made of a 40x40mm profile pipe with a wall thickness of 2mm. The set includes embedded parts for rigid fastening of the gate.

Note!!! Operation of the gate is prohibited without a rigid attachment to the floor or to the enclosing elements of the hall or platform.

The gates are made of environmentally friendly materials, which is confirmed by the SES and compliance certificates. Approved for use in school and preschool institutions. Places of mass gathering of people. Outdoor sports grounds, stadiums, etc. 12 months factory warranty.

You can order and buy goals for minifootball and futsal by calling or filling in the "Make an order" field.

The futsal goal is suitable for playing and training handball. The dimensions of the goal are exactly in accordance with the requirements of the international handball federations. It is possible to design the crossbeam and posts from a round metal tube.

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