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Football goal "Country"

  • Football goal
Football gates for cottage settlements

Model / Code: FB0018

Cost: 3600 UAH

made to order

Football gates for private use, games on the grounds and courtyards of country cottages. We called this football goal "Country". Country football gates were created by our company especially for country houses, cottages, football training and other processes not related to official football competitions.

Country Football Goal Size

  • Width - 1.8m
  • Height - 1.3m
  • Depth (bottom) - 0.7m
  • Depth (top) - 0.2m
  • Weight - 25kg
  • Color - black and white (or optional)

This size of a football goal allows you to save space on the playing area, while at the same time giving the excitement and severity of a full-fledged match. The frame of the gate is made of a metal profile 80x80mm with a wall thickness of 2mm, the mesh holder (rear depth arcs and the bottom bar) are made of a round pipe 32x2mm and a square pipe 40x40x2mm. The design allows the gate to be disassembled for transportation and easy storage. The basic color is black and white, other colors are negotiated individually. Equipped with stationary hooks for attaching the net. The net is not included. Stable, safe, durable football goals will bring joy to the whole family or the team of professional athletes.

Country gates manufactured by SPORTIN have a SES certificate, a certificate of conformity. 12 months warranty. Delivery and installation throughout Ukraine is possible.

Note!!! Operation of the gate is prohibited without rigid attachment to the floor or enclosing elements of the hall or platform. The gates can be made for fixing them into embedded sleeves.

You can buy the Country football goal by calling or filling out the "Make an order" form.

It is very easy to equip a football field in your own backyard. By placing a Country football goal in any suitable place, you get a finished small stadium. We can manufacture the fastening of the gate based on your needs and the specifics of the site. Additionally, you may need a safety net to prevent the ball from flying to another area or to protect windows and areas not intended for play. You can also buy a net for a gate or a protective net in our company.

Please note, this soccer goal is an excellent training equipment for professional athletes. Convenient size and other excellent technical characteristics are increasingly attracting professional athletes to use this product for their own purposes.

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