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Football goal

  • Football goal
Standard soccer goal

Model / Code: FB 0019

Price: 19800 UAH

made to order

Football gates are intended for holding games and training in classic football on a football field, stadium, outdoor sports field and other places suitable for this.

Football goal size

  • width (length) of a football goal - 7320mm
  • football goal height - 2440mm
  • the depth of the football goal at the bottom - 2000mm
  • depth of the football goal at the top - 1300mm

The gate is made of a round metal tube. Painted in white with a high quality compound, using polymer painting. The gates can be made as collapsible or all-welded. Equipped with stationary hooks for attaching the net. The net is not included. Manufactured in accordance with FIFA, GOST, DSTU and TU standards developed by our company. They have a SES certificate and a certificate of conformity. 12 months warranty. Delivery, installation throughout Ukraine.

Note!!! Operation of the gate is prohibited without a rigid attachment to the floor or to the enclosing elements of the hall or platform. The gates can be made for fixing them into embedded sleeves.

You can buy football goals by calling or filling in the "Make an order" field.

Football goals can be made both with side net holders and with posts pulling the net. This design of a football goal is a frame with free-standing posts on the back side, on which the net is pulled with a cord.

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