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Football equipment SPORTIN, equipment for football and mini football

The production of football equipment is located in Kharkov, a city with a long and well-established football fame. The sports equipment manufacturing plant SPORTIN manufactures sports equipment according to the strict rules of FIFA, GOST, DSTU, TU in compliance with all sanitary and epidemiological requirements for use in such institutions:

  • children's sports school
  • football club
  • football section
  • fitness club
  • football stadium
  • outdoor sports ground
  • gym at school
  • football arena
  • indoor soccer field
  • country cottage area
  • country cottage
  • and other football locations

Modern equipment for futsal, mini-football and football SPORTIN presented in this section consists of:

  • Football gates
  • Mini football gates
  • Futsal goal
  • Football goal net
  • Children's football goal
  • Football goal for country cottages
  • Benches for spare
  • Spectator stands
  • Football equipment
  • and other goods for football

We have been producing sports goods for football, mini football and futsal for over 10 years. During this time, the range of our products has expanded and improved in quality. Production technologies do not stand still and the methods of testing football equipment are becoming more and more stringent, so you buy from us, products with the following characteristics:

  • security
  • durability
  • high quality
  • functionality
  • ergonomics
  • modernity
  • impeccable appearance
  • wear resistance
  • manufacturability

All equipment has a 12-month manufacturer's warranty, there is a possibility of post-warranty service.

We offer to buy SPORTIN equipment with delivery and installation by filling out the feedback form or by calling us at the numbers indicated in the header of the site.

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