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MMA cage 9x9m

  • MMA ring cage 9x9m
  • Ring octagon MMA 9x9m
Ring octagon MMA 9x9m

Model/ Code: FT 0001

Cost: 247 050 UAH

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Ring cage for MMA on a platform 1m high with a diameter of 9m. The platform is the basic support - the base of the octagonal ring for MMA. The platform consists of support pillars and connecting trusses. The elements of the platform are made of metal shaped pipes of different cross-sections. It is possible to manufacture without bolted truss connections.

The platform is covered with sheets of moisture resistant birch plywood. PPE mats are used as a shock-absorbing layer. The cover is made of PVC.

The fencing sections are made of a metal profile pipe, a mesh netting in a PVC sheath is used, the protective layer is made of PPE mats with PVC lining. Two sections have doors for entry and exit.

Package of delivery for the octagonal ring for mixed fights:

  • Support pillars
  • Farms
  • Fencing sections
  • PPE mats
  • PVC cover
  • Pillar side cushions
  • Steps
  • Cable stretching
  • Technical data sheet and assembly instructions

The MMA Octagon is suitable for competition and training at any level. Can be used outdoors and indoors. Made of modern, high-quality, environmentally friendly, safe materials in accordance with the requirements of the State Standards of Ukraine, TU. Has a SES certificate and a certificate of conformity. 12 months warranty. Delivery and installation throughout Ukraine.

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