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Equipment for single combats from SPORTIN.

SPORTIN has more than 10 years of experience in the development and production of sports equipment and production, including for the sport of martial arts. Martial arts or mixed martial arts is a fun kind of various martial arts, filled with percussion and exciting techniques.
Mixed martial arts (MMA) is one of the most entertaining, courageous and expressive sports. The stamina of athletes, fortitude, endurance are all characteristic of people who are engaged in martial arts.

Martial arts are gaining in popularity today. Therefore, the demand for high-quality sports equipment is growing and dictates high requirements for its characteristics.

Basic positions for practicing martial arts:
- MMA cell;
-boxing ring;
- wrestling carpet;

Every day we increase our consumer potential and develop our skills and production technologies. And we manufacture for our athletes reliable, high-quality equipment that meets the requirements of international organizations and all norms and standards of GOST, DSTU, TU and SES. This allows us to equip the best gyms, sports grounds for safe and high-quality training and competitions in martial arts.

Our equipment is produced and used in the following types of martial arts:
-jiu jitsu
- hand-to-hand combat
-mixed martial arts
-MMA fights without rules

We try to make the use of sports equipment as easy as possible so that there are no difficulties during installation, assembly, installation on the ring grounds that affect the quality of fights. We also pay special attention to the appearance of this equipment. After all, fighters in this ring should feel as comfortable and safe as possible.
SPORTIN produces rings, tatami mats, wrestling mats and other items of sports equipment, in different colors, which you can see in the photo.

We equip rings for MMA with a special mesh-netting with a polymer coating, which allows us not to injure the athlete and to withstand a large shock load. For boxers, fences are different and requirements are imposed on other parameters and standards. For them, the playgrounds consist of a ring, fenced with pillars with soft pillows (for minimal injury to athletes) with tensioned ropes between them (to protect boxers, the ropes are wrapped in soft cloth).

Each type of martial arts has its own requirements, which we, in turn, fulfill.

Our clients receive not only high-quality and reliable equipment, but also a number of advantages:
1 Large selection of sports equipment
2 The ability to manufacture equipment according to your individual sketch (material, color, type of construction)
3 Reliability, quality and durability of products
4 Short terms of production (from 7 days)
5 Own delivery service
6 Affordable price

Our managers will advise you on any issue and assist in choosing equipment, telling you everything to the finest details. In order to order our equipment, you need to call the number indicated in the header of the site. You can fill out the callback form, and our manager will definitely contact you.

SPORTIN is not just sports equipment, but also aesthetics, safety, quality and style. We work for you!

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