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Choreography equipment

Do you need to equip a hall for choreography, ballet or dancing? There are many companies, but it is not clear which one to choose? Do you want reliable and safe? And the price so as not to "bite"? We have a solution!

About us

SPORTIN is a choreographic equipment manufacturer that has been on the market for over 10 years. During this time, 500 organizations of the corresponding direction have become our customers. We produce ballet equipment and equipment for choreography, we sell accessories. Our equipment is manufactured in accordance with GOST, DSTU, TU, SES. We have production permits and certificates of conformity. We manufacture all equipment from high-strength and high-quality components. We have our own production, workshops and departments for development, painting, assembly.

Reliability is tested in the operation workshop. Each piece of equipment undergoes the necessary tests. We are confident that the quality of our product will delight you. The equipment is modern, has a long service life, and is easy to maintain. 12 months warranty. We manufacture equipment to order, also some items are in stock. Didn't find a suitable one? We will manufacture according to your drawings! Production time from 7 working days. We will paint the product in the desired color without any problems. Our paint is safe for use by children and adults.

Our assortment

We have a wide selection of equipment:

  • The choreographic machine is adjustable. The choreographic bar has two heights (750 mm and 1100 mm). Ideal for both adults and young children. The model does not require additional fixing to the wall or floor.
  • Ballet machine with wall and / or floor mounting. The machine has a mounting bracket. Two levels of poles.
  • The ballet machine is mobile. The machine can be rearranged, easily freeing up the required space.

Our equipment can be installed and operated in:

  • preschool institutions
  • schools
  • Universities
  • fitness rooms
  • dance studios
  • rhythmic gymnastics sections

Our machines are safe for adults and children to use. The structures of the posts and brackets have no sharp projections or corners. The seams are processed manually, they cannot be injured. You can buy ballet hall mirrors from us. All mirrors are coated with a special coating to avoid injury if you suddenly break. Attaches securely to the wall. The mirrors are large, give a good view during the lesson. Conditions for receiving and installing equipment. We supply equipment throughout our country, there is delivery to the countries of the Near Abroad.

We will bring you an order for free, arrange courier delivery, find a passing vehicle for delivering your order to any point in our country. Installation and installation of equipment is carried out by our service department. Installation takes place according to all the necessary requirements. All masters are certified and have continuous employee work experience of 5 years or more. Craftsmen will easily install the equipment in a room with complex walls, radiators and corners. We are confident in the quality of our services. We will provide a guarantee for work for 12 months.

Equipment prices

The price of equipment for choreography will pleasantly surprise you. We purchase components directly from suppliers. That is why our prices are 15% lower than the market average. You can get acquainted with the prices in more detail by going to the card of the product that interests you.

To place an order, call us at the number in the header of the site or fill out the callback form. Our manager will call you back within 15 minutes. Will answer all your questions, clarify the details.

Choreography, equipment of the hall for choreography and ballet classes - that's all SPORTIN. Go in for sports, dance and be healthy!

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