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Wholesale sporting goods

Professional sports equipment is a category of goods in demand in Ukraine. But its availability in offline and online stores largely depends on the reliability of the supplier. The SPORTIN brand will help you buy sports equipment in Ukraine, both in small and large wholesale and retail. Deliveries are carried out throughout the country. We are a manufacturing company, so we can guarantee high quality, affordable pricing policy and a wide range of SPORTIN products such as sports goods. We offer our respected customers the best conditions for cooperation in the supply of sports equipment.

Manufacturing plant SPORTIN, why us?

The SPORTIN manufacturing plant is a team of specialists who are in love with their work. We are constantly improving the quality, expanding the range of sports equipment in the company's catalog. An additional plus of cooperation with SPORTIN in Ukraine - we offer to buy certified new sports equipment, which has proven itself from the best side, not only in Ukraine, but also in the EU countries around the world. Why choose us:

Sports equipment in assortment and high quality.

  1. The price of professional sports equipment, since we are a manufacturing company, is quite competitive.
  2. Delivery and installation takes a minimum of time, regardless of which city of Ukraine the customer is located in.
  3. The company's managers are always online, they will help you place an order for sports equipment, answer questions that arise from a client.
  4. we sell only safe sports equipment (including school).
  5. We produce high-quality sports equipment, both for professionals and the kind that can be used to equip a school gym (proper physical education of children is very important).
  6. The SPORTIN manufacturing plant is a reliable partner that works not only with legal entities and sole proprietors, but also with private customers.

Sports equipment catalog

We produce and sell certified sports equipment in Ukraine of the following categories:

  • basketball equipment;
  • sporting goods and equipment for football;
  • volleyball equipment;
  • professional equipment for spectator seats (stands);
  • goods for athletics and gymnastics;
  • other sports equipment for our valued customers.

SPORTIN - trust, reliability, affordable cost of goods (buy sports equipment with ease)!

Wholesale sports equipment in Ukraine

As a manufacturing company, we make sure that our customers are always satisfied. We give the opportunity to order sports equipment for all categories of clients, from professional athletes to schoolchildren, amateur athletes and just people leading a healthy lifestyle.

Why is it better to buy wholesale sporting goods in Ukraine from SPORTIN? Everything is quite simple:

  • the possibility of payment, both in cash and non-cash (transfer to a bank account, bank cards);
  • a pricing policy that allows you to make good enough money with the further resale of our products to the end consumer;
  • small and large wholesale is possible;
  • we constantly update the catalog of the sports equipment offer;
  • for regular customers - bonuses, discounts, the best conditions for cooperation on an ongoing basis.

It was necessary to buy sports equipment in Ukraine (Kiev, Kharkov, Lvov, Odessa, other cities) - we will always help!

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