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Football field equipment

Football goal is the main symbol of the game after the ball. There is no gate - there is no point in the game. Good football field equipment that meets the developed standards of associations and federations makes football safer, although it is considered to be one of the most traumatic. Being a popular team sport, interest in the game all over the world does not disappear over the years, but only increases. Thanks to modern equipment, it has become not only useful, safe, but also pleasant to play. Individual footballers have become stronger and more enduring, show a spectacular, powerful, beautiful game.

History of football.

       It was born in 1175 in England, as a fun at carnival festivities and was a very rough, cruel and dangerous game. Hot boys and men ran in the streets with an inflated pig bladder, knocking down passers-by and shopkeepers with goods who got in the way.

       The game was banned several times at the level of legislation, but after a while it was revived again. And in the 19th century, during the development of industrialization, it gained worldwide distribution thanks to sailors, soldiers and technical workers from Great Britain, who instilled a love of their hobby all over the world.

Football variations.

Today there are more than a dozen football varieties:

  • mini-football or futsal
  • Beach football
  • football on the grass or classic
  • footdullball (a game with two balls at the same time. Ukraine is considered the homeland)
  • swamp football (since 1998, the world championships in this variety have been held annually)
  • football freestyle
  • rugby
  • and even robotic soccer (a game between humanoid robots controlled by humans. Some predict it will be widespread and hope that one day robots will beat the world's leading clubs in which humans play. We'll wait and see.)

Football equipment.

       The rules of the games differ from each other, but the football equipment, such as football goals, balls and nets, remains unchanged.

       The size of a soccer goal depends on the type of game and the venue. Indoor or outdoor sports grounds, futsals, stadiums or country cottage courtyards.

      The size of a football goal for classic football is 7.32x2.44 m, but each game has its own standards. In mini-football, the goal is 3 meters by 2 meters. In beach soccer, it is 5.5 meters long and 2.2 meters wide.

      The gates can be made both solid and collapsible. The most important criterion for sports equipment is its safety. The manufacturer SPORTIN uses the latest technologies in the production of football goals and pays special attention to high-quality materials, whether it is the arch itself or the markings applied to it, taking into account all the requirements of international federations and associations.

     High-quality paint and varnish composition and polymer application allows the use of sports equipment on any surface, both outdoors and in the gym.

     Love for a healthy lifestyle must be instilled from an early age. In the modern world, sports equipment in the production of which safe high-quality materials are used to help us. And preference is given to manufacturers who give a guarantee for their products.

The SPORTIN plant has been taking care of the growing healthy generation, professional athletes and football fans for 15 years, helping to achieve high results, both personal and team.

      High-quality, safe equipment for the football field and the main element of the game, the football goal, produced by the SPORTIN plant will serve for many years and will bring up more than one generation of great Ukrainian football players.

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