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Basketball ring or basketball basket?

What is the correct name for a basketball ring or a basketball basket? Let's figure it out together.

You probably already understand that the name itself contains the word basket and basketball owes its origin to this very subject, as well as to its founder, James Nesmith. This teacher of physical education back in 1891 was puzzled by the lack of interest in his subject among the college students in which he worked.

James Nesmith came up with a funny exercise, one might say a whole game - by hanging a basket on the railing of the balcony with which the gym was equipped, he invited the students, dividing into two teams for a certain period of time, to throw as many balls into the opponents' basket as possible. A non-standard exercise quickly found its popularity among all students at Springfield College and got the name - basketball.

Of course, the rules, as well as the basketball equipment itself, were very vaguely reminiscent of modern basketball. But it was the basket and the ball that determined the future of this sport and gave the loud name basketball, now known to everyone.

The story is roughly clear, you say. But what is the right way to say now - a basket or a basketball ring?

Further development of basketball and basketball equipment is also associated with the basket attached by Nesmith. After all, when the ball hit the basket, you had to get it out manually, that is, someone climbed onto the balcony railing and took out the ball, returning it to the players.

This is how a basketball hoop, which is more familiar to us, appears - a steel circle with a net on it without a bottom. And the basket, which has done its job in the birth of one of the most spectacular games, leaves the platform of our memory. But the habit of calling the ring a basket remains to this day.

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