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DIY basketball backboard and ring

The SPORTIN company is often asked for consultations, advice on the production of a basketball backboard at home, formulating it as "Making a basketball backboard with your own hands."

Given the popularity of this request, we decided to write an article and tell in detail how to make a shield yourself. In this article, we will look at the production of a training basketball backboard with a 1200x900mm plywood board.

To make a basketball backboard you will need:

  • Steel profile pipe 40x20mm - 6.5m
  • Steel profile pipe 40x40mm - 3m
  • Moisture resistant birch plywood 15mm thick - 1.2x0.9m
  • Black alkyd enamel - 1pc
  • White alkyd enamel - 1pc
  • Masking tape 48mm wide - 1
  • Brush or roller with paint tray - 2pcs
  • Furniture bolt М6х50 with nut, washer and grover - 5 pcs
  • Bolt М10х60 with nut, washer and grover - 4pcs
  • Bulgarian
  • Welding machine
  • Roulette
  • Drill with 6 and 10mm drills

We start production with the manufacture of a metal frame, on which a playing canvas with a ring and a truss for attaching our shield to the wall will be fixed. To do this, we cut a 40x20mm pipe into the following fragments:

  1. 1.2m - 2pcs
  2. 0.82m - 4pcs
  3. 0.5m - 1 piece

Pieces of 1.2 m each are the upper and lower vertical edges of the frame, in them we lay pieces of pipe 0.82 m each so that the middle sections of the pipe are centered and there is a distance of 0.5 m between them. In this interval, at a height of 15 cm from the lower edge of the pipe 1.2 m to the upper edge of the pipe 0.5 m, we arrange a fastening for the future ring.

Next, we start making farms. We cut a 40x40mm pipe into 0.5m and weld a U-shaped structure - 2pcs, but so that the edges of the pipe adjacent to the wall are 5-7cm higher than the upper edges of the horizontally located pipes. This is necessary to easily attach our future basketball backboard.

We connect the trusses and the frame of the shield so that the lower edges of the structures are on the same imaginary line. This will greatly simplify the installation of the shield to the required height.

The plywood cloth of the basketball backboard is made of moisture-resistant plywood for the possibility of using it outdoors and indoors. We mill the finished piece of plywood 1.2x0.9m along the edges with a small radius, thereby rounding the edges around the perimeter of the shield. We paint it white (paying special attention to the ends to prevent moisture penetration, we do this several times) on both sides. We beat off the markings with masking tape and paint it black at the same time you can paint the metal frame of the shield.

We fasten the canvas in five places to the frame with furniture bolts M6. We also make holes for fastening the ring and fastening trusses.

We mount the shield, ring and mesh. The shield is ready to use.

Have a good game!

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