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Outdoor Basketball Rack PROFI

Outdoor basketball rack SPORTIN for professionals

Model / Code: BB 0027

Price: 44280 UAH

made to order

Outdoor SPORTIN basketball post with plexiglass backboard. Designed for professional players and games and training of any format.

Basketball stance characteristics

  • Plexiglas shield 15mm thick.
  • Adjustable shield height.
  • A shield measuring 1.8x1.05m.
  • Shield removal 1.8m

The rack is made of metal shaped pipes of different cross-sections. The collapsible design allows you to conveniently mount the rack on the basketball court. The design is made in such a way that residual vibrations are practically excluded. Painted with polymer paint. The basketball stand and backboard are made in accordance with all FIBA ​​requirements. Environmentally friendly production and materials allow the rack to be used in all places of mass gathering of people. Has a SES certificate and a certificate of conformity. Executed taking into account the requirements of TU, ​​GOST, DSTU.

Basketball rack design

  1. Vertical support
  2. Horizontal support
  3. Plexiglas shield 15mm thick (1.8x1.05m)
  4. Shield spacers
  5. Vertical support and shield protector
  6. Cushioning ring with mesh

Guaranteed quality, reliability and safety. In addition, there is a 12-month factory warranty. Possibility to order delivery and installation.

You can order and buy a professional basketball rack SPORTIN for the street by calling by phone or filling in the "Make an order" field.

The thick-walled metal profile and 15mm plexiglass are one of the characteristics that prevent residual vibration of the rack. The method of joining the supports serves as a damper in absorbing vibrations. Excellent ball bounce, impeccable appearance, ease of mounting the rack and other advantages will allow you to make the right choice by purchasing SPORTIN basketball equipment.

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