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Rack streetball with a shield from plexiglas 1200x900

  • Rack streetball with a shield from plexiglas 1200x900
Streetball rack with a basketball backboard made of plexiglass

Model / Code: BB 0009

Cost: 24500 UAH

made to order

Streetball rack SPORTIN model BB 0009 is a great alternative to a training basketball backboard in the gym or on the street. A basic element of basketball equipment for streetball competitions in various formats.

The structure of the rack is simple and durable to operate. Requires 1 person service. Lightweight and stable, equipped with a plexiglass or polycarbonate backboard. Beautiful appearance, practical performance. For the street and hall.

Structurally, the rack consists of:

  • base support rack
  • vertical supports
  • basketball backboard
  • soft tread upright
  • set of counterweights

Mount vertical supports on the base support in specially arranged places, connect the supports to each other. Put on a shield with a ring and install a set of counterweights. As you can see from the description, the assembly process is very simple.

Wheels are provided on the base support to move the rack. To move the rack around the hall, it is necessary to remove the set of counterweights, overturn the rack on wheels and move it to the required place. To transport the rack to another location, disassemble the rack into its components.

Streetball rack dimensions:

  • Height - 3800mm
  • Width - 1200mm
  • Depth (with ring) - 1650mm
  • Weight with a set of counterweights - 150 kg
  • Counterweight weight - 90 kg

The rack has certificates of sanitary and epidemiological service, compliance. Product warranty 12 months. Delivery, assembly, installation (optional).

You can order and buy a streetball stand by calling the numbers indicated in the contacts or filling out the "Make an order" form.

The BB 0009 streetball stand can be equipped with backboards made of different materials:

  • metal
  • plywood
  • plexiglass

The color can be changed at the request of the customer. You can use the stand as:

  • outdoor basketball rack
  • indoor basketball rack
  • resistant for educational institutions
  • basketball rack for private cottages
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