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Rack basketball street with a board 1200х900

  • Rack basketball street with a board 1200х900
Outdoor basketball rack with plywood training backboard

Model / Code: BB 0022

Price: 9400 UAH

made to order

Outdoor basketball rack on one support with a training backboard made of multilayer moisture-resistant birch plywood. Designed for playing and training basketball at school stadiums, outdoor sports grounds, adjoining grounds of country cottages.


  • Shield - 1200x900mm
  • Shield removal - 500mm
  • Height to the bottom of the shield - 2900mm
  • Height to top of the ring - 3050mm
  • Shield material - plywood
  • Color - at choice

The stand is made of a metal shaped tube 100x100x3mm. Prepared and painted with polymer paint by powder coating. It can be made both for concreting the support and for fastening on anchors or a welded plate.

The kit includes:

  1. Single-support stand - 1pc
  2. Training shield - 1 piece
  3. Ring with mesh - 1pc
  4. Mounting kit - 1 set
  5. Technical passport - 1 piece

A stable, durable, easy-to-use outdoor rack has a SES certificate and a certificate of conformity. Can be used in preschool, school and other educational institutions. Has a 12 month factory warranty. Delivery, installation throughout the country is possible.

You can order and buy a single-support street basketball rack with a training backboard by calling the phones or filling out the "Make an order" form.

This model can be equipped with a basketball backboard made of different materials:

  • plywood
  • metal
  • plexiglass

The color of the design and markings can be selected in advance by agreeing with a representative of our company during the ordering process. The complete set with a basketball metal net is possible.

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