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Stationary basketball rack with extension 225cm

Outdoor basketball rack with backboard projection up to 225cm

Model / Code: BB 0021

Price: 33495 UAH

made to order

Single-post basketball rack for outdoor use with backboard extension up to 225cm. Equipped with a 1800x1050mm plexiglass playing backboard. The basketball rack is made of a thick-walled metal profile pipe of various sizes with a wall thickness of at least 4mm.

Basketball rack specifications:

  • Height to the top of the shield - 395cm
  • Height to the bottom of the shield - 290cm
  • Height to top of the ring - 305cm
  • Width (across the width of the shield) - 180cm
  • Removal of the shield from the support - 125 - 225cm (when ordering, select the size)
  • Fastening - concreting, anchorage
  • Color - at choice

The design of the rack is collapsible, which allows you to conveniently transport inventory to the installation site.

Basketball rack delivery set:

  1. Single-support stand (consists of two parts) - 1 piece
  2. Basketball playing backboard (with plexiglass canvas) - 1 piece
  3. Shield spacers - 2 pcs
  4. Ring with mesh - 1 piece
  5. Fastener kit -1 pc
  6. Product data sheet - 1 piece

This basketball rack is designed for training and competitive activities in basketball, streetball. It is possible to perform the rack, both for mounting on a fixed part, and for monolithic concreting. When ordering a rack, specify the required shield extension. SPORTIN offers to use the delivery, installation and assembly services.

You can order and buy an outdoor basketball stand with a backboard extension of 225cm by calling the phone numbers or filling out the "Make an order" form.

The collapsible design is convenient for installation. First, the vertical support of the rack is concreted and left to harden the concrete or position the rack in the required planes. After the concrete has been cured or placed in a plane, the rest of the rack is mounted on the vertical support. This process significantly increases the speed and reduces labor costs and economic performance during installation. Structurally, the stands with a 125 cm and 225 cm projection are almost the same, so we combined them in one model. But when ordering a rack, you must take into account the technical task that you have and select the required shield overhang.

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