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Basketball rack mobile

Basketball mobile rack SPORTIN with folding mechanism

Model / Code: BB0024

Cost: 67000 UAH

made to order

Professional mobile basketball rack is the best alternative to stationary basketball backboard. Recommended as a backboard support by FIBA ​​requirements. Designed for competitions of all levels and basketball training. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

What is a basketball mobile rack

  • Basic support - stands on the floor on which all the constituent elements are attached
  • Vertical supports - stands on which the horizontal support of the shield is attached
  • Horizontal support - a beam on which the shield is attached
  • Basketball backboard - playing backboard with a ring and a net
  • Spring system - a system that allows the rack to be folded in and out
  • Jumpers and spacers - additional elements for fixing rack elements
  • Counterweight - a system of counterweights to prevent the rack from moving and tipping over
  • Transport system - a system of wheels that allows you to move the rack
  • Protector kit - soft protection of the rack and shield

The stand is installed on a flat surface in the place of its use. Install the stand so that when unfolded, the distance from the inside point of the out line to the backboard line is 1200mm. Unfold the rack by lifting up the rear vertical support, thereby activating the unfolding mechanism. After expanding the rack into working condition, fix two vertical supports with a diagonal jumper. This will fix the stand in the working (play) position.

When unfolding the rack into the play position, the transport system becomes inoperative. The stance rests on the entire surface of the base support and cannot move on the playing surface. When folding the rack, the transport system is brought into working position and makes it possible to move the rack. The process of activating the transport system is automatic and does not require human intervention.

For folding and unfolding the SPORTIN mobile stand, the manufacturer recommends using 2 physically healthy people for safety reasons. But in practice, this process can be performed by one person. Be careful when removing the retainer of the horizontal struts - by unscrewing the lower bolt, the retainer may swing back and injure the hand holding the rear leg !!!

The set of counterweights consists of several blocks with a total weight of 270 kg. The blocks are installed once and do not require disassembly during operation. But it is possible to remove one or two units to reduce the weight during transport when folded.

SPORTIN mobile rack size

  • Folded:
  1. Height - 170cm
  2. Width - 180cm
  3. Depth - 300cm
  • Unfolded:
  1. Height - 395 cm
  2. Width - 180 cm
  3. Depth - 395cm
  • Assembled weight - 450 kg
  • Shield removal - 120cm from the protector
  • Color - at choice

Buy a mobile basketball rack

  • Calling by phone
  • By filling out the form "Make an order"

Has a SES certificate and a certificate of conformity. Approved for use in schools, universities, sports clubs, crowded places.

Order a rack with delivery, installation and assembly.

SPORTIN offers mobile basketball posts with different backboard stems:

  • Model BB0024 - shield take-out 125cm - cost 67,000 UAH
  • Model BB0025 - shield take-out 225cm - cost 90,000 UAH
  • Model BB0026 - shield take-out 325cm - cost 150,000 UAH
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