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Board streetball 1200х900mm plywood

  •  Board streetball 1200х900mm plywood
Plywood Blade Streetball Backboard

Model / Code: BB 0101

Price: 5200 UAH

made to order

Streetball is a type of basketball, also called street basketball. For this type of sports discipline, it is customary to use a basketball backboard with a semicircular top.

Structurally and technologically, the backboard for streetball repeats all the characteristics of the training backboard:

  • metal frame with fastening trusses
  • moisture-resistant birch plywood sheet
  • fastening the ring to the supporting frame
  • overall dimensions 1200x900mm
  • shield projection 500mm
  • marking device

The difference is the spectacular appearance of the rounded top. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Often a streetball board is used on children's playgrounds and 3x3 streetball competitions.

The kit includes:

  • Streetball shield
  • Ring with mesh
  • Technical certificate

The equipment has a SES certificate and a certificate of conformity. Allowed to use in children's, school and sports facilities. 12 months warranty.

You can buy a streetball backboard by contacting our company in any way convenient for you.

A street basketball backboard is often mounted on a street rack where 3x3 competitions are held, a basketball discipline where players in two teams, each of 3 people playing on one rack. SPORTIN manufactures streetball boards with different playing surfaces:

  • plexiglass
  • acrylic
  • plywood
  • metal

The ring can be completed with a metal vandal-proof basketball net.

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