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Basketball backboard 1800х1050 plexiglass

Basketball playing backboard SPORTIN

Model / Code: BB 0006

Cost: 16200 UAH (thickness 10mm)

          20500 UAH (thickness 12mm)

made to order

Basketball backboard with plexiglass canvas, flagship model of SPORTIN basketball backboards. Manufactured and FIBA ​​compliant.

Made of transparent material, which is a monolithic piece, does not reflect light and has a smooth front surface. It has a protective frame around the entire perimeter, supporting the shield. Made in such a way that in case of destruction, pieces of the canvas do not split off.

The size of the basketball backboard is 1800x1050mm. Suitable for level 1 and 2 competitions. All lines on the shield are drawn in white.

Basketball backboard construction:

  • Frame with playing canvas
  • Fastening trusses with lintel

The frame is made of metal shaped pipes 40x40x2mm. Cleaned and polished, prepared for painting. Painted with polymer paint, powder coating method. The design provides for attachment points for trusses (fixed bolts). Holes for mounting a basketball hoop. The ends of the pipes are sealed with plastic plugs. The canvas is attached using an aluminum profile with shock-absorbing cavities and serves as a protective frame. Holes may be provided in the structure for attaching the protective protector of the lower edge.

The fastening trusses are made of metal shaped pipes 40x40 and 40x20mm with a wall thickness of at least 2mm. Wall mounting holes 16mm. Holes for fixing to the board 11mm. The size of the truss for fastening is 1250x1050mm, thus, the removal of the shield when attached to the enclosing structures of the sports hall is 1250mm. Equipped with a separate bridge that connects the two trusses to prevent horizontal movement and vibration from the impact of the ball.

Contents of delivery:

  • basketball backboard - 1 piece
  • fastening truss - 2 pcs
  • truss jumper - 1 piece
  • ring with mesh -1 pc
  • set of fasteners - 1 set
  • technical passport - 1 piece

The advantages of the SPORTIN basketball backboard:

Testing basketball backboard rigidity.

  • A 50kg square object (250mm wide and high and 1100mm long) is placed on two parallel wooden beams at a distance of 1200mm from each other and is applied to the center of the shield, then the maximum vertical deformation should not be 3mm.
  • When a basketball hits the backboard, it must bounce off the backboard with a minimum rebound height of 50%.

Can be equipped with a protective protector for the lower edge of the shield.

Buy a basketball backboard made of plexiglass by calling us by phone or filling out the "Make an order" form.

Shield fixing according to FIBA rules

  • The top edge of the ring must be horizontal at a height of 3.05m (+ - 6mm) above the surface of the playing court, at an equal distance from the two vertical edges of the backboard.
  • The bottom of the backboard should be at the level of 2.9 m from the surface of the playing court.
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