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Basketball backboard 1800х1050 plywood

  • Basketball backboard 1800х1050 plywood
Basketball backboard with plywood board SPORTIN

Model / article: BB 0004

Price: 11200 UAH

made to order

A basketball backboard with a hoop is the main equipment used on the playing field, gym and other basketball locations. The dimensions of the playing basketball backboard and other technical characteristics are regulated by the international federation FIBA.

Structurally, the shield consists of:

  • Shield frame
  • Game canvas
  • Fastening trusses
  • Diagonal truss jumper

The frame of the shield is made of a metal profile pipe 40x40 and 40x20mm with a wall thickness of at least 2mm. The size of the frame provides for fastening the playing surface over the entire area. Serves as an anti-vibration frame. The playing canvas is made of multi-layer moisture-resistant birch plywood, at least 15mm thick. Plywood is sanded on all sides, painted with oil compounds. The ends are rounded with a small radius and painted with oil compounds several times to prevent moisture from entering the ends. The markings are made in accordance with the FIBA ​​requirements. Attaching the ring directly to the frame prevents damage to the playing surface, increasing the load limit for the ring and the backboard as a whole. Removal of the shield 1250mm from the wall or pipe.

The fastening trusses are made of a metal profile pipe 40x40 and 40x20mm with a wall thickness of at least 2mm. Carrying out of trusses 1250mm. Manufactured separately from the shield, mounted on permanently arranged bolts in the shield frame. They are connected with a diagonal bridge when installing the panel, to prevent horizontal movements and vibrations during use.

The kit includes:

  • Basketball backboard - 1 piece
  • Fastening truss - 2pcs
  • Diagonal jumper - 1 piece
  • Basketball ring - 1 piece
  • Basketball net - 1 piece
  • Technical passport - 1 piece

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The basketball backboard has been certified by the SES, has a certificate of conformity. For equipping schools, sports clubs, etc. 12 months warranty. Delivery, installation, installation.

You can order and buy a basketball backboard 1800x1050mm by calling or filling out the "Make an order" form.

Basketball backboard assembly dimensions:

  • Width - 1800mm
  • Height - 1050mm
  • Depth - 1250mm
  • Weight - 55 kg

Sports equipment plant SPORTIN offers to purchase a basketball backboard 1800x1050mm with a playing surface:

  • plywood
  • metal
  • plexiglass
  • polycarbonate

Choice of color is possible.

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