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Basketball backboard 1200x900mm plywood

  •  Basketball backboard 1200x900mm plywood
Training basketball backboard SPORTIN with plywood canvas

Model / Code: BB 0001

Price: 8580 UAH / 7150 UAH*

made to order, price without tax
* wholesale price (for dealers and partners)

The training backboard is included in the list of basic equipment for basketball classes and training. It is used to practice the accuracy of throws and the accuracy of hitting the ball into the basket. The structure of the shield is a welded frame made of a metal profile pipe 40x40mm and 40x20mm with a wall thickness of at least 2mm, to which a sheet of moisture-resistant birch plywood is attached. Plywood thickness is not less than 15mm.

The frame of the basketball backboard is made for the entire area of ​​the playing surface, it provides for stationary fastening trusses with an extension of 500 mm and a distance of 500 mm between them. The diameter of the holes in the trusses of the shield mounting is 16mm. This design of attachment trusses is suitable for mounting a training board:

  • against the wall of the sports hall
  • to the gym column
  • to beams and girders
  • and other enclosing structures

The thickness of the plywood sheet is not less than 15mm, which provides the necessary rigidity and ball rebound. Moisture-resistant material does not allow deformation, surface chips for many years of operation. Plywood is processed from all sides. The playing plane is sanded and painted with oil compounds. The ends of the plywood sheet are rounded with a small radius and painted with oil compositions several times to prevent moisture from entering the ends. The markup is done.

The basketball hoop is attached to the backboard using 4 galvanized M10 bolts. The connection with the metal frame allows to increase the perceived loads of the ring during contact with the ball and the grips of athletes.

Basketball backboard size and characteristics:

  • Width - 1200mm
  • Height - 900 mm
  • Depth - 500mm
  • Weight - 35kg
  • Color - at choice

The kit includes:

  • Basketball training backboard - 1 piece
  • Basketball ring - 1 piece
  • Basketball net - 1 piece
  • Product data sheet - 1 piece
  • The panel fasteners to the wall (bolts, studs, anchors) are not included in the package.

This is a high quality, durable, safe, environmentally friendly inventory. Suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Has a SES certificate and a certificate of conformity. 12 months warranty. You can also order delivery, installation and installation of this equipment. For more details see the section "Services".

You can order and buy a training basketball backboard by calling or leaving a request in the "Make an order" form.

The size of the basketball backboard, as well as the size of the basketball hoop, dictate the FIBA ​​norms. The training backboard does not have strict restrictions on size or any other characteristics. Therefore, the size 1.2x0.9m is recommended, which means it is optional. This size was chosen as optimal for halls with a small area and was recommended in the old codes and building codes. Time and experience have proven that this size of a basketball backboard perfectly combines proportions and proportions of size with functionality. Perfect for streetball competition.

Therefore SPORTIN offers different sizes of training boards:

  • 900x600mm
  • 1000x700mm
  • 1100x750mm
  • and other sizes at the request of the customer

Training boards of other sizes are made with the same design characteristics, set of physical qualities and advantages. All equipment undergoes quality control and property testing.

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