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Metal basketball net

Vandal Proof Basketball Net

Model / Code: BB 0028

Price: 495 UAH

possible availability

Basketball net made of SPORTIN metal. Vandal-proof mesh is made of a metal chain, 2.8mm thick, link 22x10mm. The length of the metal basketball net is 42cm. The metal mesh is galvanized, which ensures a long service life. Very strong, does not get confused when the ball hits, does not break. 12 landing hooks, for a standard basketball.

You can order and buy an anti-vandal metal basketball net by calling or filling out the "Make an order" form.

The chain is galvanized and made of carbon steel, it is durable and durable. Thanks to a special zinc coating, the chain can be used outdoors.


  • Reliable corrosion protection
  • Use of carbon steel
  • High strength
  • Great price
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