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Basketball cushioning

  • SPORTIN cushioning basketball hoop
  • Basketball hoop with SPORTIN shock absorber
Basketball hoop with shock absorber

Model / Code: BB 0008

Price: 3300 UAH2700 UAH*

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Basketball shock-absorbing ring SPORTIN. For basketball training and competition. Dimensions and specifications are in accordance with FIBA ​​requirements. Made of thick-walled metal profiles. The ring is equipped with a spring mechanism that absorbs shock loads and has a smooth movement adjustment system under the weight of athletes.

Features of a cushioned basketball hoop

  • The inner diameter of the ring is 450mm.
  • Ring pad 150x150mm.
  • The diameter of the ring rod is 20mm.

The ring has the properties of a ball rebound close to a static (non-shock absorbing) ring. The design of the ring guarantees the safety of the players. The load at which the damping mechanism is activated lies in the range of 82 - 105 kg. In this case, the front or side of the ring deviates by no more than 30 degrees and no less than 10 degrees from the initial horizontal position. After the cushioning mechanism stops acting and no load is applied, the ring instantly returns to its original position. To fasten the ring to the shield, there are mounting holes for M10 bolts. There are 12 seats for attaching the net. The net is not included in the package.

Shock ring mounting method

In order to attach the ring to the shield, it is necessary to remove the protective cover. Fasten the ring with galvanized bolts (be sure to use grovers or lock nuts). Put on the protective cover, fixing it securely.

You can order and buy a shock-absorbing basketball hoop by calling the phone numbers or filling in the "Make an order" field.

Additional FIBA ​​requirements for rings with cushioning:

For Level 1 Competitions, only FIBA ​​approved devices may be used. The rebound / elasticity of the ring and the support system should be between 35% and 50% of the impact absorption range and differ by no more than 5% between the two rings used. For Level 2 and Level 3 events, testing must be done at least 2 times a year.

The net should be made of white cord with 12 loops for attaching to the ring. Be at least 400 mm long and not more than 450 mm long. Designed to momentarily hold the ball as it passes through the basket. The upper sections of the net must be rigid enough to prevent the net from overflowing onto the hoop, possible entanglement, the ball getting stuck in the net and being thrown out of the hoop.

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