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Basketball hoop

  • Basketball hoop
Basketball basket

Model / Code: BB 0007

Price: 975 UAH750 UAH*

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The mass basketball ring is made in accordance with the FIBA ​​standards and requirements, and is suitable for category 3 competitions.

Basketball hoop characteristics

  • ring material - pipe 20mm with a wall thickness of at least 3.5mm
  • platform - metal plate 4mm thick
  • ring diameter - 45cm, platform depth 15cm
  • ring color - bright orange, red

Permissible ring load 100kg. It has 12 mesh seats, made without crevices or sharp edges to prevent injury to athletes' fingers.

A grid as a gift for each ring!

You can order and buy a basketball ring by calling the numbers listed above or by filling out the "Make an order" form.

FIBA Requirements for Basketball Rings for Competitions Level 3:

The rings must be made of solid steel and have an inner diameter of at least 450 mm and not more than 459 mm. Painted in orange. Has a thickness of a metal bar not less than 16 mm and no more than 20 mm. The net must be attached to the ring in 12 places. The upper edge of the ring should be located at the level of 3050 mm above the surface of the playground. The point of the inner circumference of the ring must be at a distance of 151 mm (tolerance 2 mm) from the front surface of the shield.

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