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Basketball truss folding to the wall

  • Basketball truss SPORTIN folding against the wall
  • Basketball backboard with mounting on the wall
  • The structure of fastening a basketball backboard to the wall
Basketball backboard with truss folding to the wall

Model / Code: BB0029

Cost: 36000 UAH

made to order

Basketball playing backboard with a plexiglass canvas on a truss folding to the wall. The backboard is designed for basketball games and training. The truss folding against the wall saves the playing space of the hall. When the shield is in use, the attachment truss folds out into the play position and vice versa, when the shield is not needed, the truss folds against the wall, freeing up the space of the hall.

Application area

  • Multi-game halls (where different playing sports are combined)
  • Multisport gyms (where different sports are combined)
  • Gyms combined with an assembly hall (where events of a different nature are held)
  • Small gyms (where the permanent stay of the backboard in the playing position is not always acceptable or appropriate)
  • Playpens (where the shield is used only for training)

Basketball backboard attachment design

A basic support in the form of a square or rectangular frame is mounted on the enclosing structure of the hall (wall, column, etc.), on which the shield trusses are attached. The trusses are fixed on pivot pins, both on the base support (which is mounted on the wall) and on the shield itself. Between the trusses, a telescopic diagonal jumper is attached with a latch - a latch, which makes it possible to fix the shield mounting trusses in the play position. Next, a backboard and a basketball hoop are mounted. In order to fold the shield to the wall (in a non-working position), pull the retainer by the ring (for this, use any of the two poles with a hook, supplied in the kit) and, having hooked on the ring on the truss, pull it to the wall. In order to expand the shield, perform the same action, but pull in the opposite direction from the wall. Convenient, reliable and simple truss fixing system. It is possible to manufacture a folding mechanism in any direction. The truss is made of metal shaped pipes of different cross-sections. Painted with polymer paint. Color to choose from.

Contents of delivery:

  1. Basketball backboard with a ring and a net - 1 piece
  2. Basic support (attached to a wall, column, etc.) - 1pc
  3. Shield mounting trusses - 2pcs
  4. Diagonal jumper with a latch - 1 piece
  5. Lower edge protector - 1 piece
  6. Mounting kit - 1 set
  7. Product data sheet - 1 piece

The construction is made of environmentally friendly materials. Has a SES certificate and a certificate of conformity. 12 months warranty. Delivery and installation throughout the country is possible.

You can order and buy a basketball backboard with a truss folding against the wall by calling the phones or filling in the "Make an order" field.

The trusses for fastening the basketball backboard, which are folded, can be made in different designs.

  • to Wall
  • to the ceiling
  • electrically driven
  • with manual drive
  • on the winch
  • without winch

All this can be clarified with a representative of our company.

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