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Water pit for steeplechase

Steel pit framework for steeples

Model / Code: AT 0020

The pit for the steeple-chez consists of 3 parts, for the device of the side and end walls of the pit with connecting elements for quick installation. The kit includes: struts for walls used during installation, rods, cranes for connecting the pit to the filling and water drainage system. Steeples pit lid sold separately. The water pit, including the obstacle, is 3.66 m (± 0.02 m) in length, and the width of the body of water is 3.66 m (± 0.02 m). The bottom of the pit with water must be covered with a synthetic coating that is of sufficient thickness to ensure a safe landing and to allow the shoe spikes to enter it safely when it lands. At the beginning of the competition, the water level must be at the track level, with a possible deviation of 2 cm.

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