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Long jump pit

  • Long jump pit SPORTIN
  • Sand pit for long jump and triple jump SPORTIN
Sand landing pit frame for long jump and triple jump

Model / article: АТ 0019

Cost: 104500 UAH (0.3m)

          138600 UAH (0.5m)

          165000 UAH (0.7m)

made to order

Sand landing pit for long jump and triple jump. Made in separate sections. The size of the interior space is 2.75m (can be increased to 3.00m) wide and 9.00m long. The depth of the frame is 0.3m. The enclosing elements of the frame are combined with a sand trap. Frame width 0.3m (available for production 0.5m and 0.7m). The landing pit should be filled with soft, wet sand, the top layer of which is leveled against the push-off bar. Made according to IAAF standards.

Pit frame delivery set:

  • longitudinal sections of the trash box (length 2.25m, width 0.3m *, height 0.3m) - 8 pcs;
  • transverse sections of the trash box (length 1.8m *, width 0.3m *, height 0.3m) - 2 pcs;
  • the front side of the pit (length 3.6m, width 0.1m, height 0.3m) - 1pc;
  • set of fasteners - 1 set;
  • technical passport - 1 piece;
  • pit arrangement diagram - 1 piece;

The pit can be completed with a removable cover, sand is never included in the price of the product.

The frame of the SPORTIN long jump pit is made of the same materials using modern, reliable and high-quality equipment. Produced in accordance with TU, GOST, DSTU. Has a SES certificate, a certificate of conformity. 12 months warranty. Delivery and installation throughout Ukraine.

You can order a sand pit for long jump and triple jump by calling or filling out the "Make an order" form.

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