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Starting blocks

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Starting pads. Starting machine

Model / Code: AT 0007

Price: 1350 UAH

made to order

Starting blocks (machine) for the level of training of juniors and adults in sports schools and clubs.

Starting blocks are used for all competitions at distances up to and including 400 m. The starting blocks consist of two plates on which the athlete fixes the legs in the pre-start position. The plates are mounted on a rigid frame that in no way prevents the athlete from running out of the blocks. The plates are angled to match the athlete's starting position and can be flat or slightly concave. The surface of the plates has a porous coating so that the pins can freely enter them using the slots that absorb the protruding parts of the pins. This surface must be covered with an appropriate material to allow the use of spiked shoes.

The attachment of the pads to the rigid frame is adjustable, but during the start the pads are stationary. In any case, the plates can be moved back and forth in relation to each other. The athlete has the ability to easily and quickly adjust the position of the plates using the clamps of the fastening mechanism, they are not adjustable in height. The fixing system is provided on various surfaces. Collapsible design with the ability to replace each pad.

Applied for surface types:

  • synthetic
  • unpaved
  • tough
  • and etc.

SPORTIN training starting blocks are made of high quality, environmentally friendly materials. They have a SES certificate, a certificate of conformity. 12 months warranty. Delivery across all Ukraine.

You can buy training pads by calling or filling out the "Make an order" form.

For Competitions held in accordance with the IAAF Rules and for any result to be validated as a world record, the starting blocks will be connected to an IAAF approved false start control device.

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