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Landing sector 3x4m

Landing sector for high jump 3x4m SPORTIN

Model / article: АТ 0027

Cost: 37000 UAH

be made to order

The landing area for high jump is also called landing mats. Used for running high jumps over a bar without a pole.

It is installed directly under the bar, the height of which the athlete must jump. For a safe landing and to prevent injury, it is common to use a sector of fall mitigation mats.

The constructive landing sector consists of several mats connected with straps or Velcro into one piece. The mats are covered with a continuous coating, which increases the service life of the sector so that when worn out, only it can be replaced, and not the entire sector or its parts.

The mats are covered with a wear-resistant PVC cover. The filling of the mat is foam rubber of a special tunnel structure. This is done to vent air when the athlete lands, through valves on the sides of the mats. Reducing rigidity, preserving the functions of the landing zone, safety during the contact of the athlete with the surface - these are the tasks of the specialized structure of the inner part of the foam base. Please note that ordinary foam rubber sheets stacked on top of each other can harm the athlete and are extremely dangerous if used negligently.

This model is 3x4m in size and 0.6m in height and consists of 4 mats 2x1.5m, 50cm high, connected by fastening belts. Each mat has air vent valves on the sides, which at one time are also handles for convenient transportation of the product. The top is covered with a continuous covering made of non-conductive and non-absorbent fabric. It closes possible joints of the main mats and makes the operation of the landing zone as comfortable as possible. The top cover is connected to the main mats with carabiners, which makes it easy to disassemble the product and replace or transport it.

Landing area size:

  • Length - 4m
  • Width - 3m
  • Height - 0.6m
  • Weight - 70 kg

  Please note that the components of the landing zone must be stored in a dry, ventilated area. Must be operated using the landing area pallet.

Contents of delivery:

  • Base mat - 4 pcs
  • Cover - 1 piece
  • Technical passport -1 pc

You can order an inexpensive landing zone kit by contacting us, we love the way convenient for you.

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